Informational-radiowave therapy. Atlas for users of IRW apparatus MINITAG®

Practical Handbook of informational-radiowave therapy. The book is intended for physicians and broad sections of users of MINITAG®[1] apparatus. There are presented summarized clinically explained the method of Informational radiowave therapy


[1]. Until 2007, the therapeutic apparatus was produced in the Russia under the brand name МИНИТАГ® [MINITAG] {MINITAG = miniature therapeutic automatic generator}. MINITAG® currently produced in Russia under the brand names Камертон™ [kamerton] {fork} and Камертон Здоровья® [kamerton zdorov`ya] {fork of health}. Тherapeutic apparatus Kamerton is a complete analog therapeutic apparatus MINITAG® for therapeutic effects.

Text: /filestore/20230501_English%20version%20of%20Atlas%20MINITAG%20(all)%20Kamerton.pdf

Illustrations: /filestore/20230501_Recommended%20zones%20for%20electromagnetic%20exposure(all%20BAP).pdf


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